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Garage Door Security Tips

Garage Door Security Tips

garage door securityMany people are concerned about their garage door security and we totally understand them. For that reason, we have asked top-rated locksmiths in Houston to give us several tips on how to keep our garage door safe and secure. Here’s what we have found out!

The garage door remote should never be left in a vehicle, because it enables a potential thief not only to break into your car, but also to have a way into your house. It’s good to get a key-chain remote opener that can be left on keys instead on clipping it on a visor.

It is highly recommended to keep your garage door locked, although it is a bit inconvenient to use the key every time you come back home. Many people just leave their garage door open all the time because they feel their neighborhood is safe enough. Nevertheless, it’s not only about your neighbors, but also about criminals who use every opportunity to pop their heads in and steal something. You might consider buying an automatic door closer, since it closes the garage door no matter if you are home or not. These gadgets are quite easy to instal and they require simple low-voltage wires.

It would be wise to instal a wide-angle peephole in the door between garage and house. In case you hear a strange noise, you’ll be able to see what is going on without opening the door. When it comes to garage windows, you should cover or frost them to prevent thieves from seeing when your vehicle is gone. In fact, it would be better to buy a garage door without windows.

Finally, it is important to maintain all the mechanical parts and to keep an eye out for corrosion. Check the locks, frame, hinges and similar replaceable items. And, of course, don’t forget that the door from the garage to the house has to be secure, too.

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