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Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 – A Mailbox that Also Guards You

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 – A Mailbox that Also Guards You

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2Electronic mail would have eliminated the need of postal service; but postal service cannot die until we are going to need various goodies we order online which are delivered to our home physically and cannot be delivered online, lol! All in all, we all need a mailbox. People get various types of mailboxes so that they can improve the aesthetic appeal of their home’s exterior. But alas! Sometimes these mailboxes, no matter how beautiful they are, cannot accommodate parcels that are large. Moreover, they can be vandalized, and your mail, together with your identity, can be stolen, and pose a whole lot of problems!

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 is a great answer to all these problems. This is a modern mailbox designed with all the above problems in mind because the designers themselves have faced the problems with ordinary mailboxes.

What’s So Special about Mailbox Sentinel 2.2?

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 is indeed special because it doesn’t only collect your mail and parcels, but keeps them protected from vandals and thieves, and also from weather elements. And as if this is less, it also guards your house and its surrounding with its two-way audio cameras – front and rear, 24/7, we mean in the night too. The videos can be stored in cloud such as Nest and Ring devices to let you watch them during your free time.

You may wonder, what if you want to return a parcel? Here too Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 won’t disappoint you! It has remote lock and unlock features facilitating deliveries as well as returns. And you don’t have to worry if someone comes to take a return parcel at night and might take away a wrong parcel. The interior of the mailbox and address placards illuminate at night. And if you are still not amazed enough, here’s one more feature – you can talk to the delivery fellows or anyone else as if you are actually present there!

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 solid design features

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 is robustly designed to protect your mail and parcels using high-quality materials and powerful design features. Its top has been designed to direct rainwater away from all openings so that its contents are perfectly dry and safe in the dampest conditions.

Visit the Kickstarter page of Mailbox Sentinel 2.2 to know how you can get your hands on this multipurpose device acting as a mailbox as well as a security gadget, and get a great peace of mind.

Mailbox Sentinel 2.2

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