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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Install Crimsafe Security Screens

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Install Crimsafe Security Screens

Crimsafe security screensAlthough new security systems are being invented every day, it’s unfortunate that incidents of home burglaries are increasing day by day. Naturally, you need to install top security screens around your house as the safety of you and your family is a priority. Here, of course, the name that first comes to mind is Crimsafe. They are currently the best security screens on the market as they can fight immense force and provide unmatched security. Here are a few more reasons why you should opt for this brand.

1. Superior Customisation

If you have shopped around, you might have realised that the various brands of security screens available on the market are ‘one size fits all’ types. You checked so many options, but some or the other factor doesn’t match your needs. So, how would you find the option that can be customised as per your specific needs? The answer is Crimsafe!

Crimsafe has a technology that enables them work with all different sizes of windows and doors. Thus, if you’ve got a smaller or larger than average window or door, they can get you covered. You just have to measure your doors and windows, and invite quotes.


2. No Corroded Security Screens Anymore

If rust is eating up the security bars on your windows, your safety is at risk. Rusty and flaky security bars just can’t continue for long. Rusty metal is weak and can easily attract the attention of a potential intruder who can take advantage of it. Here the most advisable option is installing the Crimsafe security screens.

They don’t fall prey to rust like many other security screens do and offer you long-lasting security. You may wonder how these screens made of steel can be more rust-resistant than others that are made of other metals. The answer is high-quality steel material and protective powder coat that looks good too. Actually, the Crimsafe security screens have been tested with salt spray which emulate years of exposure and they breezed through. So, this is the product you can rely on for your security.

Crimsafe security screens for windows

3. Fire Safety

So far, we’re talking about security against burglars. But what about safety against fire? This is especially important as Australian bushfire is an ultimate threat. If the fire engulfs your room, how can you exit through a locked security screen? If you can’t find keys, you’re in a real problem. However, if you have Crimsafe security screens installed, you don’t have to worry. In addition to keeping your home safe from burglars, they have the Safe-S-Cape system which is unique to them and is designed for ultimate fire safety. It’s a special hinge configuration that enables your security screen to lift out from the inside if there is a fire. Moreover, it cannot be accessed from the outside. Thus intruders cannot use it to enter your home.

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And there are a lot of other reasons why you should install Crimsafe security screens in your home. You definitely need the best for your home’s security.

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