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4 Simple Kitchen Re-Decorating Ideas

4 Simple Kitchen Re-Decorating Ideas

kitchen-redecorationKitchen is more than just a space where we eat and cook; it’s the warmest place in our home, where the most of the action happens. Whether you’re entertaining your guests or simply having a breakfast with your beloved ones, the kitchen is the true heart of your house or apartment. Would you like to make it even more welcoming? We have several decorative touches to share with you!

For small spaces – You have small space and you need to use it both as a kitchen and a dining room. Opt for a table which can handle dinner parties and everyday meals, as well as prep work. Tuck stools under your multitasking island-table, put sharing dishes with tapas and let your dinner party begin!

Fast re-decoration – Do you have a dead space in your kitchen? Consider installing bracketed shelves in it; they are not as bulky as kitchen cabinets, yet they will provide some extra storage for anything you want. Our tip is to put some colorful glassware on those shelves to add touch of color and fun to your kitchen.

Paint – For a quick, yet effective kitchen redecoration project, paint your kitchen walls in some cheerful, bold color. If you have more time on your hands, think about painting your kitchen cabinets, but consider two different matching colors: darker hues for the bottom cabinets and lighter hues for the upper cabinets. Be playful, but don’t overdo it; your kitchen should be pleasant and welcoming enough for every day not only for parties!

Fun textiles – If you don’t have time to re-decorate your kitchen, yet you want to change something, try with bold textiles! All-white kitchens won’t look dull if you add some interesting window covering and spice the rest of the space with colorful accessories. Even aprons and towels can look pretty if you hang then on hooks in plain view. Mix patterns and colors to add some extra interest to your kitchen.

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