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5 Major Benefits of Wine Coolers

5 Major Benefits of Wine Coolers

KingsBottle USA wine coolerWine coolers are particularly designed not just to store but also to age your wine. Storing and aging wine properly is very important because it highlights its true qualities and full flavor potential. Although not everyone’s house or budget may be able to handle and maintain a large wine cellar, a wine cooler can be affordable and manageable to any home. From a newly developed wine-lover to a wine pro, a wine cooler is one of the most efficient and economic ways of wine storing and aging. Here are a few prominent benefits of having a wine cooler.

1. Perfect Temperature for Storing Wine

Wine coolers like KingsBottle USA are designed to generate a consistent temperature zone that can be set between 50°-59°F. At this temperature, wine cannot just be kept excellently for short term, but also will age perfectly for longer. Temperature stability is the main reason why storing wines in a standard kitchen refrigerator is not a good idea, since a standard refrigerator is set with a temperature pretty below 50°F. Such low temperatures may prevent the spoilage of wine, but also will prevent its development of full flavor potential.

Moreover, a wine cooler provides stable and consistent temperatures whereas a standard fridge undergoes temperature changes all through the day, because it’s opened and shut so many times. Temperature consistency is extremely vital for the life and flavor of wine, since extreme heat will prematurely age it whereas extreme cold will stunt its growth.

KingsBottle USA wine cooler

2. Meets Storage Needs

Wine coolers both store and age wine. In a short duration (less than 6 months), wine is placed in perfect storage conditions so as to ensure preservation of the flavor you wish to enjoy either today or after 6 months. Wine coolers also maintain your wine to a great condition and cool so that you are able to enjoy it near proper serving temperature when it’s time drink it up.

Along with short term storage, wine refrigerators provide great environments for aging wine anywhere from a year onwards. Keeping in mind that over 80% of the world’s wine is to be consumed upon bottling, wine coolers can meet the storage and aging needs of majority of wine-lovers.

KingsBottle USA wine cooler

3. No Natural Light

Natural light is an enemy for wine. Thick and dark wine bottles provide some level of protection; however, extended exposure to natural or fluorescent light will destroy your wine’s flavor over time even in these bottles. Wine that is exposed in such a way tastes uninteresting and flat.

Wine coolers like KingsBottle USA are either equipped with glass doors or solid doors with built-in light protection to make sure your wine is protected from such damaging effects.

KingsBottle USA wine cooler

4. Elimination of Vibration from Compressor

Since there is no compressor in wine coolers, there is no vibration. Vibrations that occur in regular fridges disturb the sediment naturally present in wine which in turn disturbs the natural aging process of wine. Just like excessive heat, vibrations prematurely age wine. Since there are no vibrations in wine coolers, wine stored in them rest disturbance free.

5. Provide Dedicated Wine Environment

Wine coolers are simply the perfect place for storage of wine since unlike other environments like a refrigerator or a closet that are designed to store many things, wine coolers are dedicated solely to wine storage. Thus, no one will disturb your wine to take an ice cream or bottle of strawberry juice or mistakenly hit your case of valued wine from Napa Valley while searching for an old t-shirt. Wine stored in a wine cooler will gently lie on its side to ascertain preservation in perfect quietness, perfect coolness and no bright lights.

KingsBottle USA wine cooler

Looking at these great benefits of wine coolers, don’t you think that you should invest in one, if you haven’t yet?

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