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How to Restore Your Marble Countertops Using Diamond Polishing Pads

How to Restore Your Marble Countertops Using Diamond Polishing Pads

Diamond Polishing Pads by ibouteekAs such there are countless materials used for countertops. However, the charm of marble is unmatched so far. The shine, cleanliness, sleekness and the smooth silky feel offered by marble is hardly offered by any other material.

As such marble lasts for years as it is. Still, it can get scratches or other damage over time and you may need to restore it. You can maintain its shine and beauty by regular polishing. And for polishing a marble countertop, Diamond Polishing Pads by ibouteek is one of the best tools which even you can use.

ibouteek Inc. is a 100% US owned and operated small business located in the Washington DC Metro area, USA.

It was founded in the fall of 2017 by Ajay Kochhar. They offer quality products in the home improvement, toys & party needs and home and kitchen niches.

Their products are sourced from suppliers who are verified by independent third parties like SGS, Bureau Veritas and TUV SUD.

Their goal is to provide quality products to their amazing customers. They are passionate about saving the environment, so they are always looking for opportunities to use organic, eco-friendly materials that are reusable and biodegradable.

Diamond Polishing Pads by ibouteek

Let’s see how you can effectively use Diamond Polishing Pads.

Why to Use Diamond Polishing Pads?

In almost every city, professional polishing services are easily available. However, they are quite expensive. Diamond Marble Polishing Pads are not only inexpensive, but even very easy to use. You can polish your marble slab on your own before installing it and polish it regularly to maintain its shine with the Diamond Polishing Pads. You just need some basic equipment and you can shine your marble countertop in a much economical way.

polishing marble countertop with Diamond Polishing Pads by ibouteek

Tools Needed

  • A complete set of Diamond Polishing Pads (Grit 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000)
  • Work table
  • Water
  • Wet polisher or grinder
  • Marble sealer
  • Gloves
  • Cleaning towels
  • Protective mask
  • Safety glasses

Safety Tips

  • Use protective mask to protect yourself from dust
  • Use safety glass to protect eyes
  • Use protective gloves
  • Read and follow all the instructions, warnings and cautions

Steps for Marble Countertop Polishing

You’ll need many grit sizes of the Diamond Polishing Pads with a wet stone polisher grinder for polishing your marble countertop. If you go with the correct process, you can get the best results.

ibouteek Diamond Polishing Pads are made with high-quality diamond powder and temperature resistant resin.

You’ll find polishing pads of various grits in your kit. While smaller grit sizes (50, 100, 200) are designed to remove heavy scratches, higher grit sizes (1500, 3000) are designed for achieving a shiny finish.

Now attach backing pads to wet polisher. However, before this, make sure it’s switched off. Once you attach the backing pads, you can start the polishing process.

Open the Diamond Marble Polishing Kit and start with grit 50 polishing pad. Attach this 50 grit pad to the Velcro of backing pad.

Slowly open water flow for wet polisher.

When you start the polisher, keep the RPM to low and start polishing with side-to-side motion, not more than 4-5 times because with lower grits, too many iterations can grind more than required without offering any value to the polished finish.

Repeat the process with other small size grits, a better smooth surface can be achieved that is free from all old sealant, wax and saw marks.

The grinder should be used initially at a low speed and speed should be increased slowly as needed.

Make sure every single section of the surface is polished with smaller grit, before switching to the higher grit. If an area remains unpolished with lower grit, it will cause suboptimal shine. A great way to ensure this is to wipe the surface with a wet cleaning towel and polish dry. The water at the spot already polished will be evaporated with the heat. Make sure all water evaporates. Now perform another round of wet polishing.

Once you make sure the entire surface is polished with low grit, move to the next higher grit.

Use the pads one-by-one until you achieve the desired finish. Next vacuum the area as required to clean any dirt. As you reach grit 800, you’d find a good shine and as you reach up to grit 1500 and 3000, you will get a mirror-like finish.

Diamond Polishing Pads by ibouteek

Make Sure You Use Sealer

Since marble is a porous stone, its pores should be sealed with a marble sealer. The sealer will create a protective layer, close all exposed pore and prevent fluids from infiltrating the marble stone.

So, when are you going to buy the Diamond Polishing Pads?

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