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Crawford Outdoor Fire Pit – A Must-have for Your Outdoor Space

Crawford Outdoor Fire Pit – A Must-have for Your Outdoor Space

Crawford Outdoor Propane Fire Pit with lava rocksDesigning landscapes for your yard is sheer joy. Sky is the limit for your creativity. You can add so many ornamental units that can help you create just the atmosphere you want around your house where you can spend relaxed, delightful moments, either alone or with your dear ones.

An outdoor fire pit is a great thing to add to your yard or patio and here an excellent product we have just come across is the Crawford Outdoor Propane Fire Pit with lava rocks!

If you want to make your outdoor area very special, this outdoor fire pit is definitely a perfect feature to add. It not only looks classy but has some distinct benefits too.


Since you have your very own fire pit, you don’t have to rely upon the warmth of the atmosphere and can throw fun yard parties much earlier in the year. You can just imagine what fun it can be to have friends around, warmth of the fire pit, chatting, laughing and stargazing if the night sky is clear.

Clean Fire

The Crawford fire pit is powered by propane therefore it burns clean and smokeless making no harm to the environment and not even blackening the surrounding. It’s fuel efficient too as a small can of propane can go for months. Replacing the tank is super easy too.

Unique Design of Lava Rocks

Crawford fire pit is uniquely designed with lava rocks that are a neutral brown color and thus go with any décor of your outdoor space seamlessly. The lava rock design is beautiful and adds a unique ambiance and warmth to your space.

You may think that lava rocks may make the fire pit heavy; but it’s not so. It’s light enough to move wherever you want. Moreover it features wheels and handholds for easy moving.

Crawford Outdoor Propane Fire Pit with lava rocks


The outdoor fire pit can also be used for cooking! Imagine a party in which you can cook outdoors on the fire pit and serve your guests hot meals and get their praises.


Even if the Crawford fire pit is not in use, it will continue adding beauty to your outdoor space with its unique beautiful design and color theme. And when it’s being used, it makes a great meeting point for everyone.

So, if you are planning to renovate your outdoor space, we are sure that you’ve got an excellent feature in the form of Crawford fire pit. Get one and enjoy hanging out around it!

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