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3 Practical Tips to Get the Right Lighting in Your Next Home Improvement Project

3 Practical Tips to Get the Right Lighting in Your Next Home Improvement Project

Home improvementA home needs bright as well as soft light at different times of the day and for different tasks. When you enter your bedroom after a hectic day, you want to be welcomed with a gentle glow, while in the kitchen you’d need bright light that will help you see every detail. If you feel that your home is lacking the right kind of lighting, you need to consider having the same during your next home improvement project. Here are a few things you should consider.

1. Think on What Kind of Light a Room Needs

During your home improvement project, you should remember that different rooms in your home will need different amount and type of lighting. For example, your children’s study will need cool white light which will illuminate every minute detail clearly making reading, writing and other similar tasks easy, without being harsh on children’s eyes. Similarly you’ll need such lights in any work area.

2. Use Furniture and Paint Thoughtfully

You may be surprised to know that lighting in your home can be affected not only by the actual lighting sources, but also other objects, e.g. furniture. Furniture may maximize or ruin the effect created by your lighting. If you place a great lamp just near a big cupboard, the other side may become dark because the cupboard will block all the light emitted by the lamp. Similarly darker shades of wall paint, furniture and upholstery will reflect less light and thus will make the room look dark despite having abundant light sources. Therefore, choose your wall paint, furniture and other objects in the room, and their colors thoughtfully. They should not block the light, neither natural nor artificial, and they should also reflect more light if you want the room to look bright.

3. Mix Various Light Sources

You may realize that lighting changes your mood. Sometimes you may want to have a bright light around you, while some other times you may want the light to be dim, creating a magical, dreamy atmosphere. At such times, it’s a good idea to have various sources of warm and cool lights, so that you can change them as per your desire. For example, you can use white tube lights as well as table lamps or floor lamps in your living room, so that you can use any of them as per your mood. Actually, this can be done in all your rooms, so that whenever you need bright lighting, you can have it, e.g. to search a tiny object you dropped on the floor, and soft light when you don’t need a bright one.

So, have you started to make a great lighting plan for your home improvement project?

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