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Home & Garden LED Lights – Important Things to Consider

Home & Garden LED Lights – Important Things to Consider

color changing flood lightLED lights are tremendously popular today and are seen almost everywhere, like at car brake lights, traffic signals and home and garden lighting too. Even remote controls and video games make use of indicators powered by LED. With all the features they offer, LED lights are particularly useful for outdoors. Check out the wide range of LED outdoor lighting by and you will be truly amazed with an idea of how variedly you can decorate your home and garden with these superb lights. Let’s know more about LED lights and take a look at some points to consider while choosing them.

What are LED Lights?

Light Emitting Diode or LED gives off light upon passage of electricity through it. Unlike the traditional incandescent lighting which get heated up to give light, LED lights make use of semiconductors which bond atoms with adjacent diodes to create power. LED lights are versatile because you can produce light of your desired color and even white light with them.



LED lights are advantageous in many ways. Also you get various options while buying them which you should check. Some prominent advantages of LED lights are:

    • Endurance: LED lights are super efficient in giving light and so, they last for quite a long time. Actually, LED lights can work for 50,000 to 100,000 hours and this is minimum four times more than a standard light bulb. What’s more, it is double than CFL bulbs.
    • Safety: Safety is the major benefit of LED lights which scores over many other types of lights. Their case is made of plastic and so, is harder to break. Plus LED lights do not get heated while producing light so even if you touch them when they are on, you don’t get burnt.
    • Reduced Bugs: Due to the wavelength and heat of light incandescent light provide, bugs are attached to them. But LED lights don’t get heated and make use of a different wavelength, so there are reduced bugs around exterior LED lights.

Price Factor:

      LED lights are seemingly expensive. But when the high cost is split over the course of their life which is of many years, they are found to be actually far less expensive than traditional light sources. Actually, LED lights save almost 80% of the energy bill expense for homeowners.



Outdoor Lighting – What Should You Consider?

While looking for lighting your home exterior and garden, you can rest assured that LED lights are your best choice because of their much longer life than other types of lights. Lights on the exterior and garden are kept on for a longer duration at a time and so, they need to be more efficient and should last longer. Therefore while shopping for exterior and garden lights, keep following goals in mind:

  • Purpose: You should be certain about the purpose of the exterior lights. Are they for creating a nice ambience in the evening or for keeping away unwanted intruders? Or do you want to fulfill both these purposes along with adding an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of the home? Whatever your purpose is, it will affect your choice.
  • Atmosphere: You should choose those outdoor and garden lights which would not interfere with the overall looks and appeal of the spaces to be lit. Most of the times, the first preference is given to a natural lighting theme and extremely bright lights should better be avoided. If you intend to draw visitors’ attention to the garden or a water fountain, you may want to choose a natural, dimmer light that point towards the area. But if you want to buy light for a dark back entrance, a flood-light that is activated by motions and gives light only when required is the best choice.
  • Architecture: Before purchasing any light, you should also consider the architecture of your home. The aim of exterior lights is not only to provide light in the outer spaces and gardens, but also to highlight the design features of the architecture of the building. For example, for a very modern home aluminum, stainless steel or brushed metal lighting structures would look good while a traditional, cottage style home would look the best with brass or wrought iron lights. Rustic or matte-finished light fixtures would look best with a rancher-style house which has a more rustic feel. Go through home design websites and magazines for getting an idea of choosing lights according to the architectural type of your home.
  • Price Factor: LED lights for the exterior and garden vary greatly in price. The price depends upon the kind of lights chosen. It is important to remember that LED lights apparently carry a bigger price tag, but as years pass and they continue working while the other traditional types of lights in your home fail and need to be replaced, you realize the economy they offer you.


Types of LED Lights

  • Switch Operated: This is the most basic type of lighting system. These lights pose the responsibility to remember to turn them on or off on the homeowner. It can also be said that the homeowner has a total control over them, and so, control on the power being used.
  • Light Detection: Light detecting LED lights start turning on at dusk and turn fully on in the dark. At daybreak when they start sensing the daylight, they start fading and turning off and turn totally off in bright daylight.
  • Motion Detection: This type of lights turn on upon detecting motion in their surrounding area. Their range can be set so that their light can be focused on certain spaces from some feet to 20 feet. Length of time to which they should be on can also be adjusted. These lights are energy-efficient because they turn on only when needed. However they should be configured properly to prevent them from switching on even if small animals or a car passes by.


Floating_LED_LightForms of Exterior Lighting

There is a vast range of options when it comes to forms in which you want your exterior lighting. For example, there are lamp posts, wall mounts, path lighting, string lights, spotlights and many more.

Multi_Color_LED_Candles has an extensive range of exterior and garden LED lights, like outdoor security lights, solar powered motion detection lights, remote controlled spotlights, portable lights, security color change floodlight, wireless PlayBulb, LED Candles, mood lights, floating lights, and many more. We have given images of some of their LED lights just to show you their vast range. So, while planning to buy exterior LED lights don’t forget to browse these options.


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