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Make Your Home Look Pleasant and Stylish with Battery-operated Candles

Make Your Home Look Pleasant and Stylish with Battery-operated Candles

battery-operated candlesCandles offer any corner a soothing gleam and make the home a place to relax after a hectic day. However, they are not practical always because primarily they consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide while burning. The burning of wax also gives foul smell. Though scented candles are available today, open flames and molten wax are risky. However, we have a nice solution to this in the form of Mars battery operated candles!

Mars battery operated candles look exactly like real candles having bulbs like candle flames and color and shape of wax. Their light is extremely soothing, relaxing, calm and warm. Being battery operated, they don’t use up the oxygen in the room and don’t even emit foul smells and gases. These are LED lights, which you can use to decorate your bedroom, dining room, prayer room or entire home. For a special occasion, like Christmas party and birthday or anniversary party, these candles make a perfect decoration that would amaze your guests.

battery-operated candles in clear glasses

Bonus Faux Rose Petals

Do you love candles and bright red rose petals spread among them? I am sure, you will be fascinated with the idea! Guess what, you also get 100 beautiful faux rose petals along with Mars battery operated candles for free. You can spread them among the candles and also can use rose oil to add to the beauty.

rose petals with battery-operated candles

Decorate Your Home with Mars Battery Operated Candles

You can trigger your creativity a little to get numerous ideas to decorate your home with Mars battery operated candles. You can place these candles anywhere in your home as they are or enclosed in clear glass containers, like glasses, jars, lanterns and more. Next, hang these candle containers from walls, curtains or trees, or place them on window frames, stairs or bedside table. You can also place them inside transparent or semi-transparent colorful paper bags, with beautiful patterns of tiny holes and place those bags in any corner of your home to offer a lovely glow to that corner.

battery-operated candles hanging on trees


Unlike real candles, battery-operated candles cannot burn or cause fire. So, if you have kids, elderly and/or pets in your home, you need not worry that they will get hurt. These candles also don’t blow out with breeze or fan’s air; so, you can place them literally anywhere and enjoy their beauty and the romantic ambience created by them.

battery-operated candles in paper bags

So, what are you waiting for? Bring these wonderful candles and make your home look pleasant and relaxing, and stylish at the same time!

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