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Traditional or LED Christmas Lights – Which Ones are Right for You

Traditional or LED Christmas Lights – Which Ones are Right for You

LED Christmas LightsChristmas is a happy occasion for many reasons, like we make and eat a variety of dishes, meet friends and relatives, give and receive gifts and have a holiday from work. But one of the most major among these is we make our home look better with cleanup and decoration. The usual bland home looks altogether new and shine with radiance. Christmas lights play a major role in decorating our homes during the holidays.

Since the advent of LED lights, homeowners are confused about whether to have the traditional bulbs or LED Christmas lights for decoration. Here is a comparison between the two so that you can decide what is better for you.

LED Lights Save Money

There is a huge saving of energy with LED lights as they use up to 90% less electricity than the traditional bulbs. This makes a saving of around $50 on an average per family during Christmas holidays. You can put it in this way: the amount of energy required to light up a 7-watt incandescent bulb (in a light string) can be used to light up 140 LED lights which is sufficient to power up 2 24-foot light strings!

LED Lights are Costlier

However, it’s also true that LED lights cost much higher than traditional lights.

But LEDs are More Economical in the Long Run Because They Last Long

LED lights can work for as long as 100,000 hours! This is a far higher life than a regular light and so, they are actually more economical in the long run than the traditional lights.

Bigger Strands of LEDs

Considering safety, you cannot connect more than three strings of traditional lights. But when it’s LEDs, you can connect at least ten strings of LEDs and in some instances, even up to 87, that makes a whopping 1,500 feet! Other benefits are:

  • You need not buy many extension cords as per the light strings
  • The holiday light display can be taken further away from the outlet.

LEDs have Low Risk of Fire

Since they stay cooler than incandescent bulbs, LEDs have lower risk of fire.

Soft Light?

Whatever it is, do you love the soft light emitted by the traditional lights more than the bright one given out by LEDs? However, manufacturers have now started making even LED bulbs that emit a “warm white” light that much resembles the soft glow of the traditional lights. Make sure you read the label on the bulb whether it is bright or warm.

All in all, LED lights seem to be more preferable for lighting up your homes during the holidays. But after all, the choice is yours!

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