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4 Amazing Benefits of Selling Your Home with For Sale by Owner Strategy

4 Amazing Benefits of Selling Your Home with For Sale by Owner Strategy

for sale by ownerAlmost everyone is experienced with how hard it is to sell a home. You can sell it either with the help of a broker or on For Sale by Owner basis, i.e. to sell on your own. While both the ways are time-consuming and expensive, FSBO can be much more economical than doing it with the help of a broker because of the elimination of the hefty commission you have to pay to the broker should you take help of him.

However, since homeowners are not experienced and knowledgeable about selling a property, they prefer to hire a broker. But the fact is that they can get professional guidance for this from experts like CasaVue. And if they see the tremendous benefits of For Sale by Owner strategy, they will certainly choose this option. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Your Hard Work Pays

Even when you hire a real estate agent, you are not at liberty to just sit back and see when your house sells. You have to complete many tasks, like repairs, tidying the house and take the time to show the home to potential buyers. In addition, while negotiating the ultimate selling price, you and the buyer will have to set the agent’s commission into the price in some way or the other and this is going to complicate the talks. On the other hand, when you will sell your home on your own, you have to do all the tasks on your own; but your hard work will be handsomely paid.

for sale by owner - your hard work pays

2. Overcome the Low Equity Scenario

If you have bought your home just recently or for some other reason, you don’t have much equity in your home. In such a situation if you try to sell home through a broker, you could be in loss after paying the broker’s commission. See this example:

  • The value of your house is $300,000 and you owe $290,000 on the mortgage.
  • Thus you have $10,000 in equity ($300,000 – $290,000 = $10,000)
  • An agent helps you to sell your home for $300,000.
  • After paying the mortgage of $290,000, you are left with $10,000.
  • But the agent’s commission is $18,000 (if calculated at the rate of 6%).
  • Since you have made only $10,000 in the sale, you have to collect another $8,000 to pay off the commission.
  • Ultimately, you are in loss!

But with For Sale by Owner policy, you at least earn a profit of $10,000.

for sale by owner - overcome low equity

3. You Save the Commission to be Given to the Broker

The most prominent benefit of For Sale by Owner is that you save thousands of dollars that you would give as commission to your agent. Say, the agent charges you 6% commission and your home is sold for $200,000 you have to give $12,000 to your agent. If your home is worth half a million, you have to pay $30,000 straightaway to your agent. While selling your home on your own, you will have to make certain expenses and do research and legwork on your own. But ultimately you are rewarded with a big sum that you would have paid to the agent.

4. Expenses Vs. Control

If you plan to sell your home on your own, you will have to do investments. For example, an appraisal to help you determine the highest price for your home will be worth many hundred dollars, but it will help you correctly price the house so as to sell fast and also give you a backing at the time of negotiation of a final cost with a buyer.

You will also have to publish ads in shopping tabloids and local newspapers. In addition, you should also consider listing online with CasaVue which is absolutely free. CasaVue is designed to offer you expert support, streamlined process and a pleasurable selling experience because of exposure of your property to more buyers and thereby an easier sale. They also provide you guidance about how to prepare your home for selling, and also, how to sift through offers and choose the best buyer. Eventually you save the commission.

Despite all the costs, the benefit you get being a FSBO seller is that the whole process is in your control and not someone else.

for sale by owner - free online listing by CasaVue

Looking at all these benefits, you should consider For Sale by Owner approach, with the help of someone like CasaVue and earn a handsome profit.

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