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How To Handle A Last-Minute House Removal

How To Handle A Last-Minute House Removal

how to handle a last-minute house removalSometimes a London house removal never goes as planned. You may get an unexpected transfer from your place of work or just want to change houses. If any of these scenarios happen, you will need a removal service to help you out. But unpreparedness can have a huge impact on the whole moving process. So here is a look at how you can handle a last-minute house removal.

Hire the movers for more than a day

Since this is a last-minute rush, the unexpected can happen when moving house in London. But you should consider hiring a removal van for at least a day if not two. Before you start packing, you can pick it up the day before the move and pre-load it with everything you have. This is a last minute move in London so don’t look for a mover on the day of moving. Also having the van a day before moving house will help you know whether your items will fit or if you will need to do two runs. Pre-load the van on day 1. Pack the rest and move on day 2 then day 3 should be spent unloading or picking up the items you left at a friend’s place.

Leave what you don’t need

You will need to do a lot of packing before you contact the moving company. When you pack your furniture and personal items in London ahead of the move, you will have some time to ‘spring clean’ and de-clutter. There are things you rarely use, normally abandoned in lofts or at the back of the cupboard. If you can leave them behind, then you will have enough time to only take what you need. So you will not be under pressure to shift everything during the last -minute rush.

Use boxes

Packing your goods takes more time than moving them. A good removal service provider (for example Mega Removals London) will come with moving boxes to help you pack things. But there are others who don’t. So in this case, you will need to get some empty boxes and pack whatever you can. Boxes make packing easy and saves you time. So you can head over to the local retail shop in London, ask the assistant for boxes; the bigger the better. Just make sure you organize your stuff—the delicate items should be packed separately.

Choose the best removals company

It is important to be vigilant when booking a London removal firm. Being in a rush doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be keen. Removals are skilled professionals and you will get the best services at the eleventh hour if you only get a reputable removal company. In fact, most reputable removal companies will add more personnel to deal with a last-minute house removal.

Reach out to friends and family

If you don’t think you have enough time to get yourself in order then you should consider calling out for help from friends and family. It only takes a spare afternoon and a few willing hands to get things done within a short period of time. So be sure to text or call them before the move so that they can avail themselves.

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