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Tips to Get an Excellent Home in the Picturesque Patterson

Tips to Get an Excellent Home in the Picturesque Patterson

Patterson real estate CalgaryBuying a home needs a lot of planning. Therefore when it comes to buying a home in Patterson, Calgary, you should learn these essential things.

Get Pre-approved

You may find this quite straightforward, but will be surprised to see how many people figure out what they ‘want’ to spend rather than what they ‘can’ spend. Setting out a sum for buying a Patterson real estate Calgary is a bit more involved than only calling a mortgage broker over the phone, visiting your banker or getting onto a mortgage calculator of big banks.

Here are things you’ll require to get your mortgage broker or banker for pre-approval:

  • Minimum two years of Notice of Assessment from CRA (it could be 3 years if you are self-employed)
  • Employment letter
  • Recent pay stubs
  • RRSPs or proof of down payment in your account
  • Closing prices regarding purchase in your account as well
  • Releases allowing a credit card

There’s a plenty here to get into your lender prior to they decide to lend you money. So, remember, if you visit a bank and they don’t A) Ask you for any of these things or B) don’t check your credit, they are not doing a pre-approval.

Do Research

Not all realtors are equal. So, do your research. Ask your family and friends to suggest who they’ve used in the past, who gave them outstanding service.

You should ask several questions to the agent you might find on a website. Here are some of them:

What’s your way of working so that we can find me a home? If an answer to this question comes as “I will set you up on an e-alert” you should turn to a new agent. You should get someone that will go through a huge database and many other sources to find the correct fit.

How long you are in the business? This question may not always be answered correctly. The meaning of this is that an agent who may be new in the business might have a lot of experience already in real estate, maybe as an investor or a flipper. After all, you need experience; so, don’t look at the length of the license.

How can I know whether I am getting a good deal and not overpaying? If your agent doesn’t offer to do market assessment on the property prior to even you write an offer, you are aware of what to do. You should know from where the listing agent got their pricing, there are several properties right now on the market that re overpriced and require a decrease.

Remember to act upon these tips and you will find the real best deal in the picturesque Patterson.

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