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3 Prominent Advantages of Flat Roof Repair

3 Prominent Advantages of Flat Roof Repair

flat roof repair LakewoodIf you’re a proud owner of a home with a flat roof, you know that your roof isn’t completely flat (it has to be pitched a bit so that the rainwater can drain away). Many house components may be problematic to maintain and your flat roof is no different. However, there are some easy, money saving solutions which can eliminate these problems. This means that with a little investment, you can get a great roof that will last you a lifetime! Here are some of the most common problems with flat roofs and the advantages you get after solving them!

1) Splitting

If your flat roof wasn’t built properly or due to longer exposure to freezing, water pooling and pressure, it may face splitting. The most obvious solution to this is to maintain solar-reflective paint or stones in good shape and take care that the surface doesn’t get damaged by walking. If you maintain these things regularly, your roof will last longer and you’ll save more money.

2) Ponding

When you notice areas of standing water on your roof or see a water mark around it during dry conditions, you’ll have to tackle the ponding problem. In case the ponding is close to the edges of the roof, you can install hoppers, which will eliminate the problem by collecting the excess water. Another useful solution may be installing an automatic pump in the middle of the roof. Be sure to check the state of your roof more often. If you don’t notice the problem in time, the damage can become more serious. Be sure to keep your roof clean and sanitized, because ponding attracts animals who can make even more damage. By doing this, you’ll get the most important advantage: healthy environment for you and your family!

3) Blistering

Another thing to beware of is blistering which means that air is trapped under the roof structure or inside felt layers. When this air heats, it forms air pockets which can later rupture, which in turn can lead to some water passing through the roof. When you notice something like this happening, be sure to call a professional who can provide the waterproof seal you need. Flat roof repair Lakewood can be of help for this and all other types of flat roof repairs. This is a group of professionals who will provide you just the right care for your flat roof you need. By taking care of this problem, you can provide safety to your house.

Some of the things that are always important to bear in mind are to check your roof on a regular basis, keep it clean and undamaged, but most important of all is to call professionals for any additional questions and before any important decision-making.

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