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5 Tips To Take Proper Care of Your Curtains

5 Tips To Take Proper Care of Your Curtains

maintaining curtainsCurtains perform two functions in a room. On the one side, it helps to block sunlight and heat, thereby helping to maintain the cool temperature of the rooms. At the same time, curtains also act as home décor and add beauty to a room, giving it a character. Unfortunately, when people buy a curtain, they just hang it on their windows and never properly take care of them. So, follow the tips below if you wish to keep your curtains in the best condition possible.

1. Read Instructions

Some people try to clean the curtains like they usually do with other fabrics. Sadly, this is not the ideal thing to do. Most curtains will have specific instructions from manufacturers that detail how they should be cleaned, washed, and maintained. Such instructions are provided after carefully accounting for the nature and texture of the fabric. As such, if you wish to use the curtains for long, then it is highly recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions 100%. Or at best, try not to do anything that goes directly against the instructions.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Yes, curtains are placed to block sunlight. However, it does not mean that you must constantly expose the curtains to the sun’s rays. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause the fabric of the curtains to fade, especially the darker colored ones since they tend to absorb light. Hence, it would be ideal if you place shades or blinds directly in front of the curtain. These will take the maximum hit from the sunlight, ensuring that the curtain fabric is never affected directly.

3. Eliminate Dust

If you look at the number one cause of damage to curtains, it is the dust and dirt that accumulate on them over long periods of time. As such, it is necessary that you clean out the dust on the curtains on a regular basis, at least once every week. Ideally, you should use a brush with long bristles. This will make sure that the dust is thoroughly removed from the fabric.

4. Know When You Should Avoid Washing

While washing and cleaning the curtains regularly is necessary, it is also equally important to know when not to wash a curtain. If the fabric of the drapery is different from the rest of the curtains, then you should ideally not wash it. Because if you do end up washing the curtain, then one fabric might shrink while the other might remain the same. As a result, the curtains might not hang properly.

5. Ironing Considerations

If you see that the seams of the curtains have puckered out, then you should spray some water on it before ironing. Plus, try to apply direct heat only to the reverse side of the curtain. If you iron the front side on a regular basis, then there is a good chance that you might end up damaging it. Once the ironing is done, wait for it to cool off before you reattach the curtain onto the rod.

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