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Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Garage Door Repair or Replacement

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Garage Door Repair or Replacement

garage door repairAs a substantial part of your home, a garage door has to be functional. Not only would your home look bad with damaged garage door, but it would also become vulnerable to theft and damage. But, does your homeowner insurance covers the cost of garage door repair or replacement? Although that is how it goes sometimes, there are many things you should do to get that insurance check. Luckily, we’re here to help you.First of all, it’s important to determine who is responsible for the cost of fixing garage door. In case it’s you or your family, homeowner insurance typically covers it. If it’s broken by someone else, the cost will come out of their auto or liability insurance. Homeowner policy covers the repair and replacement in case the door was destroyed by anonymous vandalism, or disasters such as a fire. However, some natural disasters are sometimes specifically excluded from coverage, as well as any intentional damage you did yourself. If you own a detached garage, maybe it won’t be covered by the same policy which protects your main home building.

Second thing you should consider is your deductible. Although garage door repair and replacement might be costly, in case it costs less than the deductible, filing a claim isn’t worth it: you’ll get nothing. If it’s higher than a deductible, before company issues a payment, you need to submit some kind of proof of your loss: the police report, receipts etc. In case you received an estimate, you need to provide documentation in case the garage door repair cost more than the estimate.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that insurance agency raises the cost of insurance if their client files too many claims. If a garage door repair or replacements costs only a few hundred dollars more than your deductible, it’s sometimes better to pay out of pocket than to get higher premiums over the next several years.

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