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Outstanding Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster to Get Your Home Insurance Claim Passed

Outstanding Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster to Get Your Home Insurance Claim Passed

hurricane damageIf you’ve gone through an unfortunate incident of damage to your house, your next step should of course be to make an insurance claim. Although this may seem simple, it sometimes may not be so. Insurance companies face several fake insurance claims and so, are very careful about settling claims, and so, they conduct a detailed scrutiny of your claim. This may take a lot of time and your claim may even be denied.

But don’t worry. Like every other problem, this problem has a solution too. The solution is to hire a public adjuster.

What does a Public Adjuster Do?

A public adjuster represents you before your insurance company and puts your claim in such a way that the company is convinced about the genuineness of your claim and your claim is passed. This needs expertise and experience which a public adjuster has, but you don’t as you’re not in that business. It needs the knowledge of how insurance companies think of claims and why they can doubt your claim. Thus they present your claim to show its transparency, honesty and urgency.

You can even hire a public adjuster if your claim has been denied. You don’t need to lose hope when your claim has been rejected. A public adjuster can help you challenge the insurance company’s rejection and fight for its reversal.

What Sort of Home Damage can a Public Adjuster Help You With?

A house can suffer damage from a number of factors including water, fire, hurricane windstorm, hail, mold, theft and vandalism.

fire damage

Sometimes the roof of a home can be damaged due to storms or heavy or sharp object falling onto it. If a damaged roof is not repaired immediately, rain may leak in your home causing further damage. Hence the roof should be repaired at once.

Sometimes house damage can even take the form of loss of income. For example, you have converted your home to a guesthouse and due to its damaged condition due to a storm or vandalism, you’re not getting a business and losing revenue.

While you may not be able to convince your insurance company about how you’re suffering a great loss due to the damage, a public adjuster can help you file a claim effectively for all these types of damage.

roof damage

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

You Know Your Policy Better

It’s well-known that insurance policy documents are too complicated to understand for a common individual. A public adjuster can help you know your policy better by deciphering the complex insurance jargon, so that you can understand your options should you have to make a claim.

You Save Time

Putting a claim and getting it settled is a time-consuming and stressful process. Especially if you are busy with your other duties and work, visiting the insurance company often can be a hassle for you. Hand over the job to your public adjuster and you get freedom to handle your other priorities.

Your Claim is Passed Faster

Although your insurance company may not doubt your claim, getting your claim passed has other difficulties too such as collecting and submitting a lot of necessary paperwork as you don’t know what you need to submit during the process. However, a public adjuster has exact knowledge about how the process takes place and so, can keep everything ready, and thus can get your claim passed faster.

mold damage

Your Rights as a Policyholder are Protected

A public adjuster, unlike a company adjuster who works for big companies, work on your behalf. They don’t have any connection with the insurance company, except that they contact them to file a claim on your behalf. So, a public adjuster works entirely to protect your rights as a policyholder. They handle the necessary meetings, help you negotiate appropriate settlements, and in case of a denial, help you understand your insurance provider’s expectations and use their skillset should you have to apply a more aggressive tactic to achieve appropriate claim settlements.

Thus you can take a sigh of relief because a public adjuster can help you get your claim passed successfully. Have you started looking for one?

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