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Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Doors

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Doors

garage door repairIf your garage door is new and is working properly, you should understand that with time it will undergo wear and tear, and create problems while opening or shutting. Therefore it is important to maintain your garage door so that you won’t have to face costly repairs. Professionals at Viper Garage Doors have some important tips for our readers.

Basic Maintenance

If you carry out the following basic maintenance tasks regularly, your garage doors will remain in a good condition for long.

Examine the Tracks: Examine the tracks and check if there are dents or some other type of damage. Minor blemishes can be pounded out using a rubber hammer. If the tracks have undergone a major damage, you will have to replace them altogether.

Check Level and Alignment of the Tracks: If the tracks are not in level and/or are not properly aligned, slacken the mounting brackets and strike the tracks gently till they are in level with each other and slightly slant towards the backside of the garage.

Clean the Tracks: Cleaning all the dirt and debris from the tracks will solve the problem most of the times. Clean the dirt with a big paintbrush initially. Next, for deep cleaning, use a household cleaner.

Lubricate Tracks, Pulleys and Rollers: You can lubricate the tracks and pulleys with a specialized garage door lubricant powder or spray of graphite and rollers with household lubricant oil.

Check for Any Loosened Nuts and Bolts: Tighten all the loosened nuts and bolts.

Professional Help

While you can carry out the basic maintenance tasks as mentioned above, there are some problems which can be repaired only with a professional help.

  • In case of an automatic garage door opener, it can undergo problems with its safety reversal features; in that case, you will have to immediately call in a professional repairman. If you don’t and the problem persists, it can damage your car, and even worse, it can injure you or any other person.
  • Another problem you should never try to repair on your own is repair or replacement of the central large spring, if you have one. The spring includes a high tension and repairing or replacing it yourself can be dangerous.
  • Bringing your garage door simply to its original status is also not advisable all the time. Instead, you can install a new system for a slightly more price.

Viper Garage Doors is offering garage door and gates repair for more than a decade and take pride in their high quality of work and experience. They are renowned for their friendly and honest service.

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