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The Potential Dangers of DIY Plumbing

The Potential Dangers of DIY Plumbing

pipe reliningHiring a plumber is often seen as an additional expense and this prompts many homeowners to attempt doing the job themselves. While leaky faucets are an easy one to remedy, many other problems wouldn’t be so wise to take into your own hands. One mistake and the consequences can cost more than hiring a licensed professional in the first place. You may be putting the safety of your family at risk, too.

Unless you’re trained in plumbing repair, trying to address the issue with self-help measures is rarely a good idea. It’s these repair jobs that often end in emergency plumbing disasters. So, save yourself from these unnecessary costs and risks—learn more as we detail the potential dangers of DIY plumbing.

• It is against the law.

Plumbing is a licenced trade wherein the work involved is beyond the bounds of a layman, by law. Therefore, unless you’re trained to install plumbing systems in a way that follows local, state, and national regulations, and protects the health and safety of your community, plumbing is something that you shouldn’t try.

Of course, an exception is the minor plumbing repairs such as fixing leaky faucets, installing new taps, or caulking around the sink. If your plumbing works are discovered to have been done by an unqualified person, the fines and penalties you would be facing can be significant.

• It can worsen the plumbing issue

There are many ways you can further screw your plumbing system, but the most common of which is failing to realise the full extent of the problem.

For example, a drop in water pressure could mean more than just a problem with your water provider. It could be a sign of multiple leak, blockage, or tree roots invading your pipes, all of which keeps the water from flowing freely into your taps. You wouldn’t know for sure unless you hire a licensed plumber.

Part of a plumber’s responsibility is to diagnose and detect any hidden problems, even those underground. You can rest assured that they have the right tools to keep your system up and running.

When your plumbing system needs repair, only a licensed plumber with adequate skills and knowledge can fix it. Thus, contacting a professional plumber or trusted plumbing contractor is strongly recommended. They understand the problems best and can provide you with cost-effective solutions, such as pipe relining and CCTV pipe inspection.

• It can result in more costs

Going the DIY route may appeal to you as more economical. But, this isn’t always the case because it increases the risk of creating larger problems, which means you’re likely to shell out more money towards additional repairs down the road.

This explains why the best way to save money is by calling for plumbing services then and there. It saves you from the risks of causing more costly problems, not to mention the money that you spend buying the necessary tools and ending up hiring a professional anyway.

• It can put your family’s safety at risk

As we have mentioned earlier, self-help plumbing repairs pose a risk to your home and your family in case it goes wrong.

While inefficiency may not be a danger itself, it can cause a chain of reaction of problems such as leaks, even flooding, and bursting of pipes. Some of the usual plumbing repair mistakes include using the wrong size of pipes, relying too much on chemical drain cleaners, forcing stuck valves, and overtightening connections.

DIY plumbing repairs may offer a quick fix to your emergency plumbing issues but they don’t guarantee lasting results.

Armed with years of experience, training, and skills, a licensed plumber can offer you efficient plumbing repairs that last. They are capable of identifying a wide range of plumbing issues and outline viable solutions, with the safety of your family in mind.

Skip the DIY and contact your local plumber today!

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