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4 Amazing Tips to Build a Deck that will Make You Proud

4 Amazing Tips to Build a Deck that will Make You Proud

DeckA deck is a structure that offers you the opportunity to extend your living area outdoors where you can spend quality time with your family or friends, or even alone. Designing a deck is a very personal task into which you should essentially consider your home’s style otherwise it may feel odd. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Legal Requirements

First and foremost you’ll have to check what the legal requirements for building a deck in your area are. Actually if you hire a professional like a Long Island deck builder, they’ll inform you about all the requirements and legal procedures. You may need a permit for which you may need to show drawings. Therefore first you must learn what the requirements are so that you won’t waste your time in getting your permit application rejected. Once you inquire about all the limitations and requirements from your contractor and get them confirmed from your local authority or town hall, you can apply for a permit which can get easily passed.

Long Island deck builder

2. Plan for Your Lifestyle

Think on how the deck will enhance your life. In other words, what you’ll use the deck for. You may use it for intimate family gatherings or big parties. You may also venture to create an outdoor kitchen on the deck for your grilling hobby. Discuss with your family members too what they’d like the deck for. According to everyone’s needs, you may like to add design elements like a spa to soak in, container gardening or a conversation pit.

3. Plan Spaces

Once you decide which elements to add to the deck, you’ll have to plan out the spaces needed for them as well as pathways between and around them. You can plan out particular “rooms” for cooking, dining, mingling and lounging. Make sure there’s enough room for chairs, sofas, dining table, coffee tables, lounge furniture and potted plants.

Keeping space for Deck furniture

4. Size and Shape

Some people are of opinion that a deck should not be bigger than 20% of the home’s square feet area so that it won’t overwhelm the house visually. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time on it and if it’s divided into clearly distinguished rooms, a big deck can look and feel quite appealing. When it comes to shape, a rectangular deck is alright but you can consider adding a spark with angles or even curves. They can take additional time to construct, but will add the special feel to the deck.

A deck will add value to your home and so, it should be built with care. Consider these tips and build a deck that will make you proud.

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