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5 Beautiful Indoor Plants that Make a Nice Addition to Your Home Décor

5 Beautiful Indoor Plants that Make a Nice Addition to Your Home Décor

Indoor plantsIndoor plants can be an important part of your home décor if you prepare yourself for a little effort for their maintenance. Once you start growing them, you’ll find that these tiny beauties are worth the effort and make a valuable addition to your home. Here are a few indoor plants you’d like to grow.

1. Calathea

Calathea is a popular indoor plant because it needs only a little care and maintenance. It comes in so many species and they can grow well in various locations and containers. Since their natural habitat is the floor of forests where they get only limited light through the tree tops, they require bright but indirect sunlight to grow. Direct sunlight can actually burn their leaves. Hence this is an ideal indoor plant. The plant needs water too in limited amounts. Since it’s a tropical plant, it doesn’t prefer cold very much. It also doesn’t need a lot of fertilizers. Plus, other than removal of yellowed or brown leaves, it doesn’t even need pruning. Hence if you really need an almost maintenance-free plant, calathea should be your first choice.


2. Red Aglaonema

Red aglaonema is another easy-to-care-for plant and looks beautiful with its bright pink leaves and stems. It grows well in low, moderate and bright light, but in medium light, it features more color. Also if you forget watering it sometimes, it’s fine.

3. Anthurium Andreanum

If you are looking for a plant with colorful flowers, Anthurium is your best bet. A native of Columbia, Anthurium comes with amazing red, white and pink heart-shaped flowers and dark-green leathery attractive leaves. The flowers are in fact spathes i.e. leaf-like bract surrounding a cylindrical spike. These last for weeks. This plant too requires bright but indirect light to bloom. Keep the soil evenly moist from spring to fall and a bit drier in winter. Fertilizing every two weeks in spring and summer with a high-phosphorous liquid feed gives great results.

Anthurium Andreanum

4. Burgundy Rubber Tree

Burgundy rubber is a ficus tree that is less fussy than its popular cousin, the fiddle-leaf fig. Its specialty is that it can grow up to 25 feet indoors. It needs bright but indirect light. Its growing season is summer in which you should keep the soil moist, whereas it’s fine if the soil is dry in winter.

5. String of Pearls

If you’d like to have a hanging plant in your indoor garden, starting with a string of pearls is a good idea. By planting it in bright but indirect sun and evenly moist soil, you’ll quickly get gorgeous strings of green pearls cascading from all sides of the planter.

So, have you started planning to grow these lovely indoor plants?

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