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7 Easy Tips to Clean Your Window Blinds

7 Easy Tips to Clean Your Window Blinds

solaire blindsWindow blinds not only maintain your privacy, but also actually adorn your home. However, they need cleaning and maintenance to keep looking good and serving their purpose of adding beauty to your rooms. Here are a few tips to clean various types of window blinds.

1. Cleaning Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are typically treated with a special finish that repels stains and dirt. You can clean your wood blinds with a high-quality furniture polish and a clean sock or soft cloth. Spray the polish onto the cloth and wipe each slat separately. Don’t touch the cords.

If you want to perform heavier cleaning, use plain water. However, take care to avoid saturating the wood. Immediately wipe excess water to prevent warping, discoloration and spotting.

Wood Blinds

2. Cleaning Fabric Shades

For cleaning fabric shades, your vacuum is useful. Use the dust brush attachment of your vacuum on a low setting.

Another way to keep dust at bay, particularly for cellular shades, is a hair dryer on its “cool” setting. This will blow away any dirt caught in the creases or honeycombs. If you find any bugs trapped inside the honeycombs, avoid squishing them. Instead blow them with hairdryer or push them out gently.

3. Cleaning Vinyl or Aluminum Blinds

Based on your personal choice, vinyl or aluminum blinds can be cleaned in a few different ways, including dusting with a cloth and washing, soaking the blinds in a bathtub in water and dish soap and then clean them with soft brush, mop or sponge, and so on.

4. Cleaning Vertical Blinds

You can clean your vertical blinds in much the same way as cleaning the other types of blinds as described above, depending on whether they are vinyl or fabric. A lint roller designed for clothing can be easily rolled over vertical blinds collecting dust, dirt and cobwebs along the way.

Vertical Blinds

5. Cleaning Slats

Always remember to keep a clothespin handy while cleaning individual slats of window blinds. If you need to do some other task in between, you can attach the last slat you cleaned with the pin so that you can exactly know where you left after getting back to the cleaning work.

6. Keep Your Blinds Safe

Never spray a cleaner straight on to the glass of your windows, while cleaning them. Instead spray it on a cloth and wipe the glass clean. This will eliminate the risk of damage to your blinds by the cleaner.

Keep Your Blinds Safe

7. Do Smart Work

Smart work will make your results last and you’ll have to clean your blinds less frequently. This involves sweeping or vacuuming them regularly. With this, you’ll need to wash them only once or twice a year.

Have clean, shining blinds on your windows and be proud of your beautiful home.

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