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Great Tips on Choosing Canvas Prints to Decorate Your Home

Great Tips on Choosing Canvas Prints to Decorate Your Home

Fashion BeholdYour home is a place where you can relax and live in moments! It’s the place that fulfills your irresistible urge to re-experience some timeless occasions.

It’s scientifically proven that our memories are unreliable. Hence, we can’t lose this never-returning treasure in the hope that we’ll always have them in our memory!

What is the best way to preserve and immortalize these precious memories? They are canvas prints! But how to make sure you’re buying the correct canvas prints that will perfectly translate your photo into wall art?

Is it the image quality? Or the canvas fabric? Or maybe the canvas orientation. While all this matters, there are more factors to consider too.

Well, there are certain technicalities you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Fashion Behold presents a range of unique canvas prints for couples that they can use to decorate their home or to gift as these prints invoke a positive feeling in relationships.

But before we take a look at the factors to consider, it’s interesting to think upon why you should purchase canvas prints in the first place.

Why Should You Buy Canvas Prints?

As mentioned earlier, your home is a place where you can relax and get lost to thoughts and memories you love. Your walls do the job of reminding you those precious moments by wearing the canvas prints of memories worth getting lost to. When you take a look at the canvas prints by Fashion Behold, you realize the following.

  • Canvas prints have the power to exactly reproduce the original artwork from its long-standing competitor, framed prints on paper.
  • Canvas prints help you relive the best moments in the form of a virtually real wall art.
  • They bring you the highest quality simulation of the original photos.
  • They preserve all the details and offer you a glare-free view, thanks to their satin-matte finish.
  • They smoothly blend with the interior of your house.
  • Their fabric absorbs colors well enough to produce a ‘real’ color mirror image. Their color quality is high enough to last for generations.
  • Canvas prints definitely liven up your home and offer a customized personal space that you love.

But before clicking the ‘add to cart’ button, you have to make sure you’re investing in the right canvas prints.

eiffel tower print at Fashion Behold

Choose the Optimal Resolution of the Image

The pixel size of the image to be printed determines the quality of the canvas print. It simply follows the rule of “the more, the better”.

It’s directly connected to the frame proportions you choose. Larger canvas size requires a higher resolution photo to get great results.

Any image lower than 250 KB is not an acceptable option.

Canvas prints at Fashion Behold come in high resolutions and hence offer optimum results.

life begins with digital print at Fashion Behold

Choose a Meaningful Shot

Before you buy canvas prints, choose an image that is worth a glance for a few minutes. Fashion Behold has many such images. In these images the subject captured is well-focused and looking into the camera lens.

subject looking into camera lens at Fashion Behold

It’s important to choose the photo that you are absolutely adore. Focusing on a high-quality picture need not mean losing the meaning behind the picture.

Hence, whether you select a favorite quote or a beautiful picture online or a personal memory captured, you should be sure it does justice to your taste.

And at the same time, the pixel size should not be compromised.

fall love at Fashion Behold

Choose Canvas Prints that Compliment Your Space

Keeping the space you’ll be decorating in mind while choosing a perfect canvas print is important if you want your artwork to reflect your personality.

Fashion Behold has abundant canvas prints with a range of ideas and inspiration, from family photos to abstract art and anything in between.

reason for smile at Fashion Behold

The fact is that canvas prints form a core element of interior design. They have the power to quickly modify and amp up the whole mood of the space they are in.

Choose canvas prints thoughtfully with the above tips and you’ll feel proud of your well-decorated home.

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