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Easy Steps You can Take to End Up in a Fully Renovated Home You Always Desire

Easy Steps You can Take to End Up in a Fully Renovated Home You Always Desire

Front Door renovationGetting your home renovated is an overwhelming experience but its outcome is rewarding. If you are not sure about whether you’d survive through a large-scale remodeling, you have the option of going step-by-step so that it will be much easier for you in terms of budget as well as living in the home while the work is going on. Here are tips you can follow to do your home remodeling in steps to end up in a fully renovated home that you always desire.


Kitchen remodeling is perhaps the most important part of a home remodeling project. You need not take up kitchen remodeling as your first step to renovate your home. You can start with any room. However, in general, as kitchen is an area where a lot of action takes place, there is a lot heating and cooling, steam and smoke, a lot of appliances work and a lot of water is flown, it’s important to consider kitchen remodeling first.

Renovate Your Kitchen Cabinets First

You can buy new kitchen cabinets but it’s not necessary in order to give them a makeover. You can keep the cost to remodel a kitchen low by painting or staining them for an instant and pretty inexpensive facelift. Paint immediately brings a fresh look to a home not only on walls but on kitchen cabinets too. Another great option is to cover your cabinetry with fun wallpapers.

Replace the Countertop

When it comes to a kitchen countertop, you have a number of options for an upgrade. Even a quick search on the internet will bring you a range of countertop fixes. Look for something durable and neutral for functionality in this hardest working space.

Consider Replacing Hardware

Replacing hardware may not seem a big renovation step but actually may change the whole look of your kitchen. It’s simple to do too, as you can even finish it within an afternoon. Actually, if you don’t have time or budget for a full kitchen renovation or full renovation of cabinetry, you can add contemporary hardware like pulls, handles and knobs, and they will add a drama to your kitchen’s looks. They can even make your outdated kitchen look charmingly classic rather than old.

kitchen renovation

Living Room

You may want this main room where your family lives most of the times renovated with a brand-new trendy sofa or eye-catching corner-pieces, however, they are not always within the budget. Thankfully, there are numerous other ways with which you can change the look of your living room for good without breaking a bank.

Get it Painted

Getting a room painted is perhaps the most inexpensive way to change the look of the home. Paint brings cleanliness and freshness to even a dullest space. A great thing about paint is its cost is low but it offers an expensive look to the space. Choose neutral colors because they can appeal almost anyone.


Just like the paint, organization too offers a clean and fresh look to any space. Having less clutter will make your living room look like new and even bigger than before.

Pay Attention to Light

We know innately but forget outright the fact that plenty of light in a home makes it feel comfortable and welcoming. Even the most ordinary living room will look cheerful and fresh if added with sufficient lighting. Floor lamps, wall sconces, tabletop lamps, art lights and even overhead lights are all means to make your living room well-lit and thus brighter, an excellent yet simple tip to follow.

living room renovation

Dining Room

Your dining room should be a cheerful place where all your family and friends will come together not only to eat but enjoy the company of each other. With this simple step, you can change the look of your dining room

Renovate Your Old Dining Table

If you have a lovely mahogany dining table, you wouldn’t want to paint it, obviously. However if your dining table has become old, faint and shabby, you should consider painting it or refinishing it. Choose a neutral color or you can even choose a bold one to make the atmosphere more cheerful. Another great idea is to add a colorful, fresh-looking tablecloth and it will hide your old table in a beautiful way.

dining room renovation


Bathroom is another area which will need quite a lot of renovation, given the forever-moist conditions, resulting growth of mold and mildew, and stains and dirt. Here are some tips for your bathroom renovation.

Create an Illusion of an Increased Space

If your space is not big, you can make it look big and big space creates a feeling of comfort and luxury. You can do this in your bathroom just by adding a great mirror and it will visually double the bathroom’s size and also will reflect more light. You can even consider adding a neutral or monochromatic color palette that will blur the hard lines of each bathroom component and make the bathroom feel airier.

Replace Lighting if it’s Outdated

Adding a great lighting is a simple way to make any space look fresh and cheerful. Replace your bathroom lighting if it’s outdated and get something trendier that will suit your bathroom style. Properly chosen lighting will also make the space look bigger and add a style to a small space.

Install Storage

One of the smallest spaces in a home, the bathroom can be given all the efforts to feel more spacious. Keeping all the clutter away is probably your first step and for this, consider installing proper bathroom storage solutions. Add floating shelves that will make the space look modern without having to sacrifice your valuable bathroom square footage. You can even add a small vanity storage unit and it will make use of otherwise wasted space.

bathroom renovation


Just as the interior, the exterior of your home is also important and you should consider giving it a revamp too.

Front Door

Your front door is of immense importance as people make up their mind whether to enter the home or not looking at your front door. Consider revamping your front door to impress your visitors by painting the door, upgrading house number, adding a new door mat or simply keeping the outdoor area thoroughly clean.

Tidy up the Lawn

Overgrown bushes and patchy lawn make anyone uncomfortable and so, tidying up your lawn and landscape will be your essential revamping chore. Prune bushes and shrubs, trim and edge grass and that will make your home look enticing.

Front Door renovation

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