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Natural Stone Paving Ideas For 2018

Natural Stone Paving Ideas For 2018

marble paversThere’s no doubt that stone paving looks absolutely gorgeous. Every slab has a unique pattern, so when you have a patio put in, your friend’s patio will not look the same because of how different each stone slab is from the other.

It’s very easy to install especially compared to the concrete slabs that most people are opting to use nowadays. The natural stone paving is also durable because it’s the product of thousands of stones accumulated in one slab. The stone has already stood the test of time, so it will definitely last when you decide on having your very own patio or courtyard done.

It’s easy on the environment because it’s a resource that the planet has plenty of. You won’t have to worry about polluting our oceans one day when you decide to get a new set of natural slabs.

The natural stone is very low maintenance only needing a pressure wash every week or so. The colours of the slabs are all natural and not pigmented, so it won’t just fade over time. You won’t have to worry about replacing it again anytime soon.


With all that in mind, there is a wide array of natural stone to choose from like travertine, limestone, marble, sandstone or basalt. It’s just a matter of what your taste is, how your home is decorated, and how the stone you choose will compliment your house.

It’s an excellent investment that will see you through many seasons.

Here are a few paving stones to consider:

Silver Travertine Pavers (Travertine)

This stone will look perfect for surrounding the pool area, the patio or even the courtyard. Silver travertine comes in different shades ranging from dark to more light in colour.

Travertine Pavers

Anamur (Limestone)

Anamur limestone is one of the more popular choices because of its earthy colours and fossils embedded in them. The stone can also be used around the pool area or along walkways leading to your front door or out back to your chill area.

Pietra Grey Pavers (Limestone)

This subdued grey stone will look perfect as the base of a patio. It goes with all kinds of colours, so whatever your theme is, Pietra Grey will fit right in.

Crema Bianca (Limestone)

Whether it’s light cream or ivory, any fan of modern simplicity will love this natural stone. Be it your suburban home or beach house; it won’t matter because Crema Bianca will show itself off.

North Black

Black, always chic and always in fashion no matter how many faux pas there is. If you’re a fan of the dark hue than the North Black stone is for you. It will make everything you decorate it with look expensive and bang on trend. This is definitely a favourite of mine.

Imperial Brown Pavers (Marble)

The brown marble comes in shades of light beige all the way to brown. It has a woody vein looking colour and will be perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. Imperial Brown will look beautiful as an outdoor patio.

marble pavers

Cement Grey Sandstone Pavers (Sandstone)

Beautiful soft grey tones that will look stunning indoors or outdoors. Whatever living area you feel needs a makeover, these subtle greys will do the job and make it look easy.

Starry Night Pavers (Basalt)

This is a unique looking basalt as it comes in dark grey and night blue. It’s not a light stone but more of a darker shade. The stone looks like it has a million stars on it. Perfect for around the swimming pool or as a patio living area.

What it all comes down to is what you are looking for and taking the time to find exactly that.

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