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Mini Excavator Hire – A Great Solution for Garden Renovations

Mini Excavator Hire – A Great Solution for Garden Renovations

mini excavator for garden renovationWant to create a beautiful landscape garden in your yard, but don’t want to use shovel and pick? Don’t even want to pay for a landscape architect? Don’t worry – there is a simple solution; it’s mini excavator hire!

A landscape architect is someone who is not affordable neither needed by everyone. It’s just a little creativity, aesthetic perspective, sense of design and some research that can accomplish your job of landscape garden. And to perform all the hard jobs, a mini excavator is what you need. The equipment can enliven your garden without having to spend your hands and legs.

Divide Area and Maximize Space

Today gardens are not only lawns but more than that and have floral lineups. You can create separate areas in your proposed garden, like a sitting area, a lawn, an eating area or a floral area. For this, you will have to divide these areas visually in order to maximize the space. And here, hiring a mini excavator is the way to go.

Hire a Mini Excavator for Multiple Tasks

Hiring a mini excavator is an easy and economical solution for your garden work. This machine is great for digging in and shifting soil, allowing you to put in beds of herbs or low hedge borders surrounding the sitting area, or lay a patio.

You can also create an amazing water feature by excavating some earth and using a tire to create a basic structure and shape. Then you can border the space with plants of your choice, or lovely rocks, and even adding water lilies to your mini pond.

You can also create self-contained raised beds by using the mini excavator. This will give you better control over your soil (for example, the soil may have a highly alkaline or acidic content) and also over weeds.

Create a charming path or paths in your garden by excavating a strip of soil and laying reused wooden planks. It will look lovely and will divide your garden in spaces you desire.

Choose the Right Size of Excavator

You may be tempted to choose the biggest excavator in order to do more work at a time and thus save money. But the fact is that it’s pricier. Instead, choose a right size digger and it’ll be perfect for your garden. A small excavator also comes for lower hire rates. Smaller diggers are also right for residential gardens, for removing soil for foundations or excavating ponds.

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