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Amazing MDF Spray Painting Tips

Amazing MDF Spray Painting Tips

Samples of MDF Spray painting by KWB SprayingMDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a great material for furniture. Moreover, if you get it spray painted professionally, it looks beautiful with the glossy finish. Here is some useful information on MDF and spray painting MDF furniture.

What are the Properties of MDF?

It’s good to understand the properties of MDF and how it can be used. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood product made by mixing wood fibers and wax and then pressing them together under high heat and pressure.

Benefits of MDF

MDF makes an extremely smooth surface. It’s also a very easy wood to paint. And you can make any type of furniture with MDF. The grain of MDF is not visible and you don’t have to deal with pattern matching. Moreover, MDF tends to be less costly and denser than other woods like plywood.

Preparing the MDF Surface for Painting

Fortunately MDF doesn’t need a lot of preparations before painting. Still, if you take just a few prepping steps, your MDF furniture will look amazing and last long. It’s recommended to do a light sanding to your MDF before applying a primer. The sanding can be done with a medium grit sandpaper (about 120 grit will do fine). Remember that you should focus on sanding the edges of MDF since rough edges cannot absorb the paint.

The benefit of sanding MDF is that the primer and paint will bond well with the surface. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated room while sanding the MDF. Also don’t forget to wear a face mask and eye protection.

Also make sure to clear all the dust away after you finish the sanding. Loose dust particles that are left behind can badly affect the application of paint; so, it’s important to keep the space clean.

MDF spray painting in Leyton Central KWB Spraying

What Primer to Use?

MDF being an incredibly porous material soaks moisture and paint very soon. Therefore it’s important to prepare the material carefully. If you apply a wrong primer, your paint will not penetrate the MDF properly. This can result in a paint producing a skin that peels off and looks ugly.

Avoid latex primer on MDF as it will make the wood expand and affect its texture. This also happens when you use a water-based primer. The best choice is a solvent-based primer. But in this too, you should choose a primer that suits MDF.

Painting MDF

Once you prepared your MDF board, you can start painting and the best way to start is to apply a thin coat of paint first to see how your MDF board absorbs the paint. If you’ve primed and sanded the MDF properly, the paint won’t dry quickly. If it’s drying quickly, you should stop painting and sand the surface again.

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