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Top 4 Tips to Buy and Assemble Ikea Furniture with Ease

Top 4 Tips to Buy and Assemble Ikea Furniture with Ease

iFurnitureassembly LLCSeveral IKEA customers are confused at first with the wordless guidelines and bizarre hardware that comes along with the furniture. The process of assembly is all an inevitable part of what makes the world-class Swedish brand.

But you have bought it to make your home feel good and the process should not turn into a tedious or time-consuming chore, neither should it make you regret for your purchase.

So, here are a few useful things you should know about purchasing and assembling Ikea furniture.

1. Take Help of Ikea

Ikea claims that their furniture is designed to let the assembly be easy. But if you are a downright newbie, you would know that some products are more difficult to assemble than others, particularly if you are not very comfortable. In the latter case, products that come packed in multiple boxes can be overwhelming for beginners to put together.

Here’s a solution if you are finding it difficult to assemble an Ikea product:

  • First off, visit the IKEA’s website and go the page for the product you want to buy
  • Now, click product information
  • Check the “Package measurements and weight” section. You’ll find the number of boxes that contain the parts of the product.

Ikea also has created videos for assembling six of their best-sellers, to make the assembly easier.

2. Take Help of iFurnitureassembly LLC

iFurnitureassembly LLC has expert professionals who know each and every detail of the assortment of Ikea furniture and you can have a topnotch Ikea assembly services from them, including installation and assembly of cabinets, tables, bookcases, kitchens, beds, chest of drawers, shelves and many such pieces of Ikea furniture.

3. Don’t Buy a Dented Box

Finding a damaged item after bringing your brand new product to home is a real pain. Here are tips to avoid this:

  • Before you make the purchase, look at each box carefully to ensure it doesn’t have any dent.
  • If a package is dented, scraped or nicked, put it back no matter how small. Get another and repeat the check.

This is essential because Ikea packs their furniture with minimal packaging materials, and don’t include things like crinkled cut paper or bubble wrap. Therefore, item inside a dented pack may also be dented.

4. Avoid Damage During Assembly

To avoid damage to your beloved furniture during the assembly process:

  • Clear the floor space where you will assemble the pieces. Ideally the space should be double the item’s measurements.
  • Cover the work area with a canvas drop cloth or a rug or even the cardboard boxes that came with the products. This will avoid the hitting of items against the floor.

Follow these tips and your assembly process will be fun and not tedious, and will end up in beautifying your home.

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