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Pool Fencing – An Important Safety Feature You Should Add to Your Pool

Pool Fencing – An Important Safety Feature You Should Add to Your Pool

affordable pool fencingYou’re planning to add a swimming pool to your yard so as to increase the value of your home. Of course, it will also allow you to have refreshing swims on hot days and spend restful poolside evenings. Not to mention, the Selena Gomez-style fun pool parties your guests would be the most excited about. But excitement apart, you’ll have to plan beforehand about pool safety. Pool fencing is the best option for pool safety. Here is some useful information you’d like to know.

Pool Fencing Requirements

You’ll certainly look for affordable pool fencing. But your pool should also be sufficiently safe and for that it should be at least four feet high. It can be made even taller if aesthetics allow or the heights of your kids need it. But 4 feet is the minimum height required for optimum safety.

Another thing to remember is to avoid cross bars in the fence’s design because kids or pets could use them to climb up the fence or try to squeeze through the spaces.

It’s also important to make the gate of pool fence self-closing and self-latching. Thus if any swimmer forgets to close it behind them, it will automatically close and get latched. Also the latch should be at a height where small children can’t easily reach.

Another important point to remember is if you have pets or neighboring wildlife that tend to dig, you may be better off with an underground element, like rocks or chicken wire, added to the fence’s bottom.

Remember to visit your local city planning office to know if they have any other rules regarding the design or installation of pool fencing.

pool safety with fencing

How can You Make the Fence Look Great?

The aesthetics of your pool fence is also quite important, though not very important; you should visualise how it will look with your landscape and architecture. Because the fence will take up a large visual part of the pool’s setting, you certainly should have one that will add to the pool’s beauty.

Today’s pool fences are available in so many sizes and shapes. So, it’s not difficult to find one that suits your taste. A glass fence may look great with a modern sleek pool design; but an aluminium or wrought iron fence will offer the desired safety to the pool with strength, besides looking amazing.

You can design some landscaping around the fence. However, make sure to avoid objects that kids or pets can climb and get over the fence.

While planning to have a pool, plan about the fence essentially. It will give you a great peace of mind.

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