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5 Amazing Tips for an Efficient Post Construction Cleaning

5 Amazing Tips for an Efficient Post Construction Cleaning

post construction cleaning services Northbrook ILFinally, your home has been remodeled and you are eager to take your first breath in your beautified home, but… There is dust everywhere which is holding you back. The thought of post construction cleaning is quite scary. But don’t worry. Here are tips that will make everything easy for you.

1. Hire Professionals


Professionals like Thumbs Up Cleaning, the leading post construction cleaning services Northbrook IL, are specialized in residential cleaning and can meet all your needs. They offer so many different services and are committed professionals with attention to detail, making sure your place is spotless.

You can reach them by calling on (224) 255-3025. They will provide free estimates, schedule service, or help you craft a combination of services that will save you the most money on your next cleaning job.

Some of their specialties include:

  • One time cleaning services
  • Weekly or biweekly visits
  • Deep cleaning and post-construction
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning
  • Keep the same cleaner for every visit
  • Complimentary ON PHONE ESTIMATE

2. Open the Windows


If you plan to do some cleaning on your own, be sure to wear a mask before starting the cleanup. As a first step, open your windows even if it’s winter. This will let the air flow more freely drawing the dust and odor of cleaning products out, and reduce the strange smells of sawn wood and plaster dust.

3. Sweep First


You may be tempted to dust surfaces first, but don’t do that. Instead, first sweep the floors. Due to repeated sweeping, dust settles on surfaces. If you don’t want to get trapped in the endless cycle of dust-sweep-dust, consider sweeping first to reduce the repeated dust clouds.

4. Dust Everything, Literally


Take some microfiber cloths and clean out everything you can see. You should use proper dusting cloths created for attracting dust particles; so, don’t use old rags. Don’t fail to clean between blinds, shelving units, window ledges, cupboards, door frame tops and any other surfaces. Start from one corner of the room close to the exit and go on till you reach the same exit.

5. Vacuum


Now it’s the time for vacuuming. Begin with the carpets and pass on to nooks. While vacuuming carpets, remember to work slowly. Although you may be tempted to work at a full speed so as to do the job faster, slow vacuuming will make sure you catch up all the dust. If dust stays back, it will keep fluffing out when you walk on the carpet.


So, are you ready for the post construction cleanup?

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