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6 Essential Points to Consider while Buying a TV Stand

6 Essential Points to Consider while Buying a TV Stand

tv standTV stands help keep your TV at a proper decorative position so as to offer a better viewing angle and in addition, a great space to store TV-related items. But if you are feeling daunted about what type of TV stand to buy, here are a few tips.

1. Size

If you’re not familiar with the exact measurements of your television set, take a measuring tape and measure the screen diagonally across. Remember that while diagonal measurements are used for TV screens, width measurement is used for TV stands. Thus, if you have a TV and a TV stand having the same measurements, the TV stand is in fact wider. It should be minimum as wide as your TV; however, you can even look for a much wider TV stand and then place the TV in the center, which will offer you space to place other items on the sides. Short, medium and tall TV stands available so that you can choose the one that matches the height of your seating and provide the right viewing angle.

2. Types

Some of the most popular types of TV stands include corner TV stands, TV hutches and entertainment centers. Corner TV stands as the name suggests can fit into a corner of a room and designed with a triangular edge. TV hutches contain an enclosed space for the TV due to which it gets less focus. Entertainment centers offer ample storage for other items like video game consoles, cable boxes and Blu-ray players. The design enables you to connect any cords easily from devices in the entertainment center to the TV.

TV stand with ample space

3. Materials

Usually metal and wood are used in making TV stands. Metal stands are suitable for a modern home, whereas wooden stands offer a rustic style. Metal TV stands typically have a chrome or powder finish to make them look attractive. Wooden stands include mahogany, oak, maple and cherry, thus giving you a wide variety to choose the wood that looks good and fits your budget.

4. Styles

Consider your home’s style and choose a TV stand that will match it, whether it’s a modern TV stand, bohemian TV stand or an altogether different style. A traditional TV stand created from solid hardwood is a style that never gets old, whereas if you are looking for a more 21st century feel, a modern stand with sleek sharp lines is the best choice.

5. Colors

Given the fact that most TV stands are made of wood, it’s no surprise that brown is one of the most popular colors. It’s also a great choice because there are many shades in brown which go with a variety of décor styles.

Black is the next popular color. Black and brown are perhaps the safest colors.

wooden TV stand

6. Additional Features

Glass doors, drawers and shelves are common add-ons that are available in some, though not all, TV stands. Make sure, you get adequate space to place every device that should be near the TV. If a space has been provided to keep your entire media library in the TV stand, then that’s a great bonus.

You can also look for adjustable shelves if your items are of various sizes that you want to place in your TV stand. Glass doors are useful if you want to get a view of the content inside. Otherwise wooden or metal stands with no glass doors or drawers are ideal when you want to hide the items so as to be able to watch only the TV and the stand. If you choose glass doors, make sure it’s tempered glass which is much stronger than the standard one.

Consider these points and buying a TV stand will be a breeze.

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